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Photo Editing and Retouching Samples

These are snapshots I took with my phone camera (as far as image quality, it could hardly be worse than digital phone cameras) - no settings, no preparation, taken in the moment.

Photo Editing Sample - Dog Portrait

On the left is the original image, sized to fit this screen, with no editing. Click on it, if you want to see the original photo in full size (it will open in a new browser window). I took this picture when I was sitting next to my dog and noticed his alert look as he watched people on the other side of a lake. There was quite bit of light reflection from the lake and sun from the wrong angle.

Photo editing sample - dog portrait


Photo editing:

  • cropping to achieve a more subject focused image
  • light leveling
  • color balancing to take away excessive blue tones
  • airbrushing pine needles and dirt from his ear and face (under his eyes)
  • airbrushing gray hair on his muzzle - we can make even an old dog look younger
  • more brown in his eyes
  • color saturation and depth on his collar (to make the purple and turquoise tones come out)
  • size - smaller image to fit nicely on some web site
  • sharpening and slightly fading the sharpening to achieve a crisp look
  • saving for web purposes with compression (achieving low downloading time) - original image was 1429 Kb, this one is 60 Kb.

Photo Editing Sample - Landscape

Here I just wanted to take a picture of the incredible dandelion field, stepped out of the car and snapped it. Again, the light was in my face.



Photo editing:

  • no cropping needed, the composition of the picture is OK
  • light adjustment
  • hand brushing of the middle layer - house, mountains - darker to have them stand out
  • sizing to a size that allowed a nice picture for the web but not show the low quality
  • saving for the web (original size 242 Kb, now 45 Kb)


Photo Editing Sample - Kitten

This is an indoor snapshot of my sleeping kitten and it came out very dark and grainy. Again, you can see the original photo in a new window if you click on the left one:

photo editing sample - kitten


Photo editing:

  • cropping to a nice 2:3 format
  • light adjustment aimed a the cat's face and paw appearing actually white
  • slight color saturation adjustment on the plant in the background and the blue pillow
  • sizing down - in this case with the main goal to get rid of the grain
  • only a slight sharpening (the grains show if too sharp)
  • saving for the web (original size 286 Kb, now 21 Kb)

Can we help improving your photos? Feel free to contact us.

  • Free initial site/project overview.
  • Flexible photo editing / retouching services, with communication in Czech or English.
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